Seller hereby excludes any and all warranties, guarantees, or representation, whatsoever, express or implied. Buyer assumes all risks for results obtained from use of these goods whether used alone or in combination with other products. Seller’s liability hereunder shall be limited to replacement of any goods which prove upon our inspection are not of our standard quality. While Seller may from time to time offer recommendations and advice with respect to the use of its products, it is understood that Buyer, in acting on any such recommendations and advice, does so entirely at its own risk. Seller reserves the right to modify its products without notices. Delivery shall be made to Buyer at Seller’s shipping point even when freight is prepaid to point of destination. Title of goods shall pass from Seller to Buyer upon delivery to carrier. Buyer shall be liable for any loss or damages to such goods after delivery to carrier. No claims for replacements or allowances will be considered unless Seller is notified there of within 10 days after delivery to Buyer. Failure of Buyer to give such notice within such period shall constitute an unqualified acceptance of these goods. If Buyer does not accept these goods under these conditions, they are to be returned at once, unopened. Seller hereby certifies that with respect to the production of the goods and/or performance of the services covered by this invoices; Seller has complied with all applicable requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended. We certify that to the best of our knowledge, this invoice is priced in accordance with the Supreme Court decision of the Robinson-Patman Act.