Fine Art, Mounting, and Framing

Fine Art, Mounting, and Framing

We have made archival mounting glues for over 50 years for fine art, photographs, prints etc for wet mounting. The adhesive dissolves in water and one can dismount the art 10 years later.

A damp cloth will remove our mounting adhesive which is neutral pH, non toxic, and made of natural materials. Thus one can remove mounting glue from the face of the artwork safely. Similar products are sold to the University community for mounting botanical collections, etc.

Adhesives Products, Inc’s “1100” is one of our multipurpose products used for fine bookbinding, gluing frames together, laminating cloth to frames, gluing backing paper to the back of framed art etc.

We have a variety of texturing gels and mediums for mass production art, laminating, framing, backing adhesives for art lamination, framing and packaging. We offer some great gold leaf sizing, and specialty products to the trade.